Color Without Commitment (Floors)

If you are like me-you shy away from bold patterns and prints.  I find large prints on walls, furniture and artwork to be a little intimidating.  Basically, I just can’t commit.  So…today I’m sharing some fantastic floor tiles, carpet and vinyl, that allow you to have just that-pattern and prints with flexibility.  Tiles are great […]

Inspiring Fabrics: KnollTextiles

From  top-KnollTextiles: Mira Sheer; Suzanne Tick Collection; Insho Collection; Luxe Collection Drapery; Drip Collection Wallcovering; Ondo Drapery; Archival Collection; Compass Collection; Jubilee Fabric; Pause Wallcovering Do any of you have a design company like you just kind of drool over?  It’s embarrassing, but for me it’s Knoll.  For over 55 years, Knoll and KnollTextiles have been setting a design standard. The textures, patterns, innovation, and […]