God is Your Piece of the Pie



“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

Psalm 73:26

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and so tough sometimes to dig yourself out of one. Sometimes a flip in your perspective, a reminder that God has plans for us, can make it easier. I hope you enjoy this post. I meant to share it awhile ago!!

{This post in an excerpt from Holley Gerth’s book What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days. Enjoy more of her work at www.jessicabalsom.com or http://holleygerth.com/}

The pie sits in all its glory in the glass case. Over lunch my friend and I stare at it with anticipation. Peanut butter. Whipped cream. Golden crust. Soon it will be ours. It’s a tradition for us to share a slice when we come to this restaurant. And then at the last minute, we watch as a server reaches in and takes the last piece. “Noooooo,” we wail. “That’s our piece”. This may seem dramatic, but then again, you’ve never tasted this pie, have you? You’d wail too. I’m just saying.”

My friend and I look forlornly at our plates and then begin to giggle at ourselves. We laugh because it’s a moment when we remember what it means to  be human-to long for something (sometimes quite silly) and then to be devastated when we don’t get it.

Asaph, the writer of the psalm above, describes how he went through a period of deep frustration in his life. This was about far more than pie. Everywhere he looked it seemed like the wicked were getting the good stuff while he was left empty-handed. “What gives?” he seemed to ask God. “I follow you faithfully, yet those who act like you don’t even exist are getting my slice.” Then Asaph makes a trip to the temple and his perspecitive changes. He realizes what the ungodly are getting is ultimately temporary and unsatisfying. He finally declares, “God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

When we’re going through a hard time, it’s easy to be like Asaph. We start looking at those around us and believing everyone else has it better than we do.

Her piece of the pie is a perfect body.

Her piece of the pie is an insanely happy marriage.

Her piece of the pie is a house that could be in a Pottery Barn catalog.

Of course, all of these are exaggerations, and we don’t know the full story that might be unfolding in what looks like an ideal life.

But pain can skew our perspective. Then we begin to feel like God is holding out on us. We’ve been so faithful, and then he just gives the piece of pie we deserve to someone else (insert whining here if you’re like me).

Yet God walks around the corner with a plate in his hand and says, “I saved this for you. It’s the best piece of all. It’s your portion.” And what he offers is astounding. The God of the universe gives himself. He is I Am. That means in whatever circumstance, he is what we need.

I Am peace when the doctor delivers bad news.

I Am hope when one more month goes by and you’re not pregnant.

I am strength when it feels like you can’t go on another day.


God is our portion, and here’s the best part: he can never be consumed. There will always be more of him for whatever we need. Our hearts never have to go hungry, because we can always say the prayer he loves to answer: “More of you, please.”


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