Modern Rustic Style with Chicken Wire Nested Baskets

{ Say Grace }

{ Give Thanks }

{ Gather Together }

In the spirit of Mary & Martha, the above message speaks. Each is displayed on a tag on one of my favorite products. Mary & Martha’s beautiful nested chicken wire baskets have swinging wooden handles and a gorgeous patina. They are a perfect addition to modern rustic or farmhouse decor. I stack a grouping of coffee table books in them with a picture frame of my kiddos on top. It is just darling!  I also have bagged baking supplies (extra chocolate chips, brown sugar, etc) in one in my pantry. They are so versatile and have so many other uses. Check out other ideas below!

They are available as a set (small, medium, large) and can also be purchased individually.

nestedbasket nestedbasket3 nestebasket3Mary & Martha Nested Basket kitchen-baskets-from-wirebookbasket

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Mary & Martha Teaspoons, Coffee Scoop and Nesting Baskets

The teaspoons in this video are on sale now for $8. The coffee scoop is on sale for $13!

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