Our Bright Starts Playdate + Free Playdate Printables

We had such a fun weekend!  Saturday was our Brights Starts playdate.  We received a playpack in the mail last week with SO many goodies from the Bright Starts Having a Ball Collection.  Grady was so excited to tear into the toys and at the same time upset because I had to take pictures of everything before.  Sorry buddy!  Time for the playdate details:

2013-0505_BrightStarts_decor3A-05Bright Starts very graciously included a $25 gift card to Target for us to buy snacks.  Grady loves to bake with me so Friday we made cupcakes for everyone to take home.  We made cream cheese icing for the first time and used a Wilton pastry bag to ice them. This is fancy for me.  I usually just buy them at our local cupcake shop.  However, I found a super easy icing recipe from Georgetown Cupcakes that was amazing and tasted just as good!!!

BrightStartsParty 2013-05-10 5018 - Version 2

I cut down fruit for the moms and kiddos and had a layered fruit salad in a souffle bowl (strawberries, grapes, blueberries and cantalope), served pita triangles with hummus,  and baked Archer Farms mini quiches.  I also put  Happy Baby Organic Yogurt Melts and Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies in left over cupcake liners for the kids. It was on the early side so we also had coffee, tea, and water for the moms.  Why am I telling you all of this? Well, I wasn’t sure what to have at 10am for 6 kiddos under the age of 3 and their Moms; maybe this will help another Mom someday!

2013-0505_BrightStarts_decor-05I couldn’t have a playdate party with lots of food, kids, and fun without creating some type of fun printable decor.  I made a fun banner that says “Let’s Play!”, Bright Starts cupcake toppers, and favor tags that say “Thank You for Playing!”.  Get your free playdate printables here.

BrightStartsParty 2013-05-10 4945


Now on to the fun part; watching the kiddos go crazy with the all the toys and balls!  These toys were perfect for 6-36 month range.  The only toys rated a little older when the Get Rollin Jet Popper (12-36 months)and not rated but probably should be Pop & Roll Roadster. The kids loved getting their hands on all the colorful balls.  The unlikely favorite was the Having a Ball Count n’ Roll Buggie.  The kids (and adults) were fascinated with how the wings opened up.  Click here for a video of two little ones playing with it.


BrightStartsParty 2013-05-10 4988 - Version 2My 29 month old loved the Pop & Roll Roadster.  All week he was calling it his “new car”.  The Get Rollin’ Activity Table (below) was a big hit for the 13-18 month range.

  BrightStartsParty 2013-05-10 4983      BrightStartsParty 2013-05-10 5002

In a few months our 4 month old is also going to love all these toys! I predict the Get Rollin’ Jet Popper (below) will be great when she is first walking.  It reminds me of the walking popper we had when I was little. Probably now considered ‘vintage’.   The Cluck and Learn Barn (below) will be perfect even earlier! I love all the funny barnyard sounds and the design is just adorable.

         BrightStartsParty 2013-05-03 4880 - Version 3     BrightStartsParty 2013-05-03 5122

We gave each of our guests a Giggable or Press and Zoom Pal to take home and one larger toy.  Brights Starts was so generous we wanted to share!

BrightStartsParty 2013-05-14 5092

On behalf of everyone at our playdate, we would like to say a BIG thank you to Brights Starts for providing us with the opportunity to ‘Have a Ball’ with your latest collection.  We can’t wait to see what you come up with next.  Needless to say, you have some new Bright Start fans!! I would personally like to thank all of the women who took time out of their Saturday to come play with us. We had a blast and need to do it again soon!!

 BrightStartsParty 2013-05-11 5037       BrightStartsParty 2013-05-11 5129

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