Pattern Card: Gingham Style

The Paper Plume Gingham PatternShoes / Necklace / Umbrella / Bowtie / Cupcake Liner / Shirt

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I love the classic simplicity of gingham.  It reminds me of Spring and Summer and picnics on cozy blankets in the park.  The pattern itself adjusts to work with just about anything.  It is often used as a test fabric while designing fashion, or used for making an inexpensive fitting shell prior to making the clothing in fashion fabric. Pretty cool, right?

This post was inspired by 2 things: (1) The pattern we’ve incorporated into our latest Tractor / Farm Birthday collection.  I love the adorable country farm appeal for boys or girls. (2) Keds for Kate Spade sneakers I’m dying to have that are sold out EVERYWHERE!  Enjoy some gingham style!

The Paper Plume Gingham Kids RoomDisclaimer: Couldn’t help myself.  Pardon the wordplay.  Gingham is just too close to Gangnam.  And you know you want to watch this little girl dance again.

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