Huggin’ it out. Puj makes bathtime even easier!

Remember that moment when you give your newborn baby their very first bath? The feeling of being terrified that you were going to drop that slippery little wiggling ball of preciousness? Like 800 meter track race nervous, pre-calculus test nervous, swim team nervous. Okay, I know, that was just me. Fortunately, with some great products and preparation before the bath begins I’ve learned to make the experience quite enjoyable.

THEN:: My first born only cried once during his very first bath. He was cautious. Still is. We bathed him in the Puj tub and once my husband gave him his finger to hold he never cried again. Ever. He loved it! It wasn’t until we took him out of the bath, back into the cold, cold world that he began to wail again. I can’t help but think that all that wailing could have been avoided if we had had the product I’m about to introduce to you.

Puj Tub and Puj Hug - The Paper Plume

NOW:: As if I didn’t already love Puj enough for their awesome folding sink tub, I discovered another ingenious product I just had to get my hands on, the Puj Hug. It is the perfect companion product for a memorable, hands free bathing experience. To show you just how wonderful it is, below is a little photo montage of me using it with my newest model, our daughter Natalie. She’s now 11 weeks.

Puj Towel 2013-04-11 4579 - Version 2Puj Towel 2013-04-11 4592 - Version 2

She loves the Puj Tub too and has never cried. One little bathing tip: keep them covered with warm washclothes so they don’t cold!

On the right, I’m wearing the Puj Hug. I washed the towel prior to using it and it still feels great. It was so nice not to scramble for a towel or have to take my hands off the sweet babe to get a towel ready! The box had wonderful instructions on how to ‘Hug’ the baby. When I was ready to take Natalie out of the tub I scooped her up with both hands and washed her back side while she was face down. With my hand on her belly I turned off the water, and pulled her close to me with both hands. Before the Puj, I would have either one-handed it or had a towel in my MOUTH! I rested her head on the corner of the towel at the hood. I realize that this is slightly different than what the directions say (facing out instead of in) but it worked for us. Next, I unhooked the BPA-free & PVC-free silicone tabs from around my next and wrapped her in the towel. In order to understand the quality of the cushy and luxurious ultra-soft cotton you have to feel it.

Puj Towel 2013-04-11 4615 - Version 2Puj Towel 2013-04-11 4619 - Version 2Puj Towel 2013-04-11 4611 - Version 2

I brought Natalie over to the changing table and watched her squirm and kick. She was so happy to be in her new warm and cuddly towel!!

Puj Towel 2013-04-11 4645

As you can tell, we’re loving the Puj Hug. It would be a fantastic shower gift or a treat for a better bathing experience for you and your little one. I’d love to hear about your experience if you use it!

The Puj Hug can be purchased from Puj and on Amazon. Don’t forget to check out the Puj Big Hug for the bigger kids ages 2-8!
Now through May 31, 2013 when you purchase the Puj Hug or Puj Big Hug use code PUJHUGS10 at checkout to receive 10% off!
COMING SOON:: Puj is introducing a new product to hang the towel on ~ the Puj Nub. It has SO many other uses too. We can’t wait to try it out!
Disclosure: I received the product from Puj to facilitate my review. All comments made are my own and are my honest opinion.
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