Ets(y) Wednesday: The Lonely Heart + Giveaway

The Lonely Heart I Love You Ribbon

It has been quite sometime since we’ve had an Ets(y) Wednesday feature.  Our big move to big Texas had me all off track!  I’m so excited to share with you today a DARLING company, The Lonely Heart.  New to me, maybe not new to you, The Lonely Heart just exudes romance and love.  They are a mother daughter team specializing in handmade personalized hearts made of wood, barbed wire, metal, paper, glass & more.

Cuteness alert! They describe the products in their shop like this:

“It’s a home for hearts that are lonely and may have been forgotten over time. They are a collection of hearts that have been handmade, repurposed, recycled or found sitting by themselves and forgotten or maybe even worse, never been loved.”

I hope you’ll take the time to look around their shop AND read the few questions I asked Brandee and Aumber. The answer to their most challenging project had me a little choked up.

The Lonely Heart Ets(y) Wednesday

1. We see you hail from Phoenix, do you have any favorite spots you go to for creative inspiration? We are actually rural in heart, business & home! Phoenix is just our closest city. Our inspiration truly comes from the love of our family, friends, & the love of a country lifestyle.

2. Have you ever had any really unique personalization requests? Our customers are truly unique, we’ve been known to spend days creating just that perfect special personalized touch that can only come from being made by hand.

Our most challenging one to date was a wonderful lady who wanted a duplicate carving of her fiance’s artwork of a heart & their initials he had carved into a tree. She wanted to surprise him with the gift on their wedding day. He had carved it into the highest tree branches & had taken a picture of it on his cell phone to show it to her as she wasn’t going to climb the tree herself! She sent me the photo, but it wasn’t very clear & very grainy, when I asked if I could get another picture, that was how I learned of the story behind it. To me it was so sweet for so many reasons. One she loved his original work, yet also wanted it close to her heart. For him, he was saying to her, he would go that extra mile for her no matter the risk! As we say pure love & romance at it’s best!

3. Any advice to new shops just getting started? Advice for somebody just starting… just do it!!! I have always taught my girls to try, otherwise you’ll never know. I really think even if you failed at something, at least you learned what doesn’t work. The Lonely Heart was started with just a few items & a huge prayer. God has overly blessed us with our business and we are so thankful!

4. Do you have any favorite shops on Etsy? As for favorite shops on Etsy, WOW, where would a person begin, We have so many! Etsy is packed with so many talented artist, we could never get enough. Etsy simply is this place for the person who wants something that is truly unique & handmade with love.

Brandee & Aumber are generously offering FIVE(!) very lucky people 2-yard rolls of their “I Love You” ribbon.  Enter below and say hello on Facebook if you will.  Giveaway ends Wednesday, March 16th.

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  • Amy Groah

    my fav is the vintage heart padlock:)

  • I love the music heart confetti!!!

    PS- The facebook for Lonely Heart in the rafflecopter form isnt linked right… so I couldnt like their facebook. I’ll check back and “like” them after.

    • Thanks Stevie! I think I fixed it. It should work now…

  • Jmsvwoodsgr

    I love their personalized ribbon. In fact, I just ordered some with my Biz name on it, and am using it for the tags in my handmade shoes. It’s perfect!

    • Ashley

      What a GREAT idea!!!!

  • Ashley

    These are the cutest thing ever!!! Just discovered your blog and am hooked for sure! The feather is so so unique and gorgeous!

  • Ashley

    I am now a follower of Lonely Heart blog as well. Such amazing, original ideas!

  • Linsey Hathaway

    I love the paper hearts 🙂

  • Agill66

    I love, love, love the ribbon, so pretty!

  • C0rtn3ylynn3

    omg i love everything! so glad i found you! i def hit the fav button! im in love with the feather and the tin hearts!! i

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  • I do love the yarn ball, but the wood blocks are also sweet!