Blink. Hello. Electric Car Stations??

This post is pretty off topic but design and technology do go hand in hand.  The little man and I headed to the library this afternoon and lo and behold I spied a new white shiny space station across the parking lot.  I was intrigued. Was it an air pump for bikes in the middle of the lot, some kind of wi-fi station?  To be honest, I walked all the way up to it and couldn’t tell.  If you had seen me walking up to and staring at this thing…well, it was funny.  I even poked at the touchscreen.  Unfortunately, I found out you have to have some kind of access card.

With a little investigation (google searching) I found out it was an electric car charging station. Really? In my neighborhood? In not-so-sustainable Houston?  At the LIBRARY?  Maybe these things have been everywhere and I’m just missing them?  Why haven’t we seen these at gas stations yet?  I wonder, how many of you all think these are here to stay?  For more information check out the Blink website.  I hope they stick…

Have a great weekend!! I’ll be posting a couple of new collections soon.  So excited!

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  • oh gosh, I love it when companies decide to get their design done right. it is kind of funny that it offers absolutely no clue what it is though.