Inspiring Work: Dolce Photography

I’m so excited to introduce you all to a very talented, fabulous photographer!  This Ets(y) Wednesday we’re featuring Dolce Photography.  Although its owner, Stephanie, doesn’t have an Etsy shop, you’ll see her work featured all over The Paper Plume!  Her work (and her lovely clients) are part of many of our invites, announcements, save the dates and will soon be in our holiday collection.  
I’ve known Stephanie for longer than I’d like to admit.  We ran track together, went to high school together, and even went to the same college (at different times).   We haven’t actually seen each other in many years, so I was very curious to hear about her journey from occupational therapist to photographer.  Who doesn’t love a success story?!

1. When did you ‘know’ that you wanted to pursue things with Dolce Photography?
A couple years ago i finally decided to splurge and buy myself a ‘big girl’ camera. I have always had a passion for photography, and had been discussing it (buying a really nice camera) with my husband. He said ‘go for it’ and ironically right around that same time, 2 of my neighbors had new babies. I practiced lots of photography techniques on them, playing with the settings, lenses and becoming comfortable ‘instructing’ people how to look natural/pose etc. I practice on family and other friends, and eventually many of them said that they felt i should start charging for taking the pictures. I of course thought they were nuts! How could I, an occupational therapist by career, and just a photographer by pure passion and hobby, begin charging for picture taking! Needless to say, word got around, my phone kept ringing, and dolce photography was born. I came up with the name while in bed one night, wanting to capture the essence of both my cultural background (italian) and my love of capturing innocent, candid and sweet moments (thus ‘dolce’ was the one italian word chosen to be the descriptor of my work). Since becoming official I have had mentoring sessions with one of my most favorite local photographer, as well as done much self-educating regarding lighting, fstops, angles, lenses, etc etc. I am pretty much self taught – inspired by passion. Its amazing to me when i look back and photos i have taken just over a year ago, compared to now, and how much i have matured as a photographer. its not only amazing, but inspiring.

2. What are your plans for the company’s future?
Plans for the future – ideally I would like to add more time for photo shoots to my schedule. I have begun my 2012 business plan, and have done much research regarding other photographers like myself. I plan to offer some special packages  and keep relying on referrals and word of mouth. I am extremely open to photographing small, intimate weddings; and hope to have the opportunity to do more maternity and engagement shoots. I want to continue capturing my signature shots – baby feet, profiles and moments that are the least expected.  My facebook business page has been a major method of referrals and advertisement for me. I also have so many repeat clients, which makes it wonderful and fun to watch the little ones grow and really get to know the familiies…as well as reunite with old classmates!

3. What is your go-to piece of photography equipment or accessory?
My current go to piece of equipment is my 50mm/1.8 lense. It is the perfect lense for portrait photography, and allows me to be close or far away from the client in practically any lighting scenario. It it is marvelous. I hope to add a few more lenses to my collection, but for now this lense, and my other two lenses, do the trick. Its all about knowing the camera, working with the lighting, and the aperture/fstop – and I have enjoyed the journey of teaching myself the tricks of the trade. Besides that lense, i have a hat box full of fun little girl hair bows and headbands of all sorts, a couple little guy ties, a baby bed, a funky vintage chair, and chalkboards. My trunk is always full 🙂

4. Who was your favorite teacher at good ‘ol Carroll High School? (Had to throw a goofy one in there).
Favorite teacher at CHS = Mr. Hoefler! His witty personality kept me on my toes 🙂

I’d personally like to thank Stephanie SO much for allowing us to use her work.  I’d also like to wish her all the best with the impending arrival of her very own Dolce baby.  I can’t wait to see pictures!!  

Contact Stephanie via:  or on Facebook.

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