Ets(y) Wednesday: Shutter Wax-Encaustic Photography

What in the world is Encaustic Photography?  I was absolutely intrigued by the work of Shutter Wax, an Encaustic Photography shop on Etsy.  Shutter Wax offers beautiful encaustic photographs and will soon begin to offer customized pieces for weddings, babies, and family.  Keep an eye on them!

If I lived in Seattle and Angela was putting on a workshop, I’d be there.  Naturally, I had lots of questions for her (way too many to post here).  Here are a few highlights:

Facebook page has a great explanation of who you are and why you do what you
do.  For those that aren’t familiar with Encaustic painting, could you
give the short version of the process?
The word
“encaustic” literally means “to burn in”. It is an ancient
medium but the basics of encaustic painting is to paint with melted beeswax or
pigmented beeswax. There are many ways to “paint” with this medium
and your surfaces can span from wood to clay, to paper. The wax paint is then
fixed to the surface with more heat. The effects, textures, and tones you can
create with this process are pretty incredible!

(You can read more about Encaustic painting here.)
What is
your favorite part about Seattle? Specifically, what makes you love it compared
to the East Coast?
Where do
I start? Seattle is probably one of the cleanest, greenest, and healthiest
cities I have ever lived in. I am a healthier person just by living here and I
even started commuting by bicycle soon after moving here. It is a big city, but
doesn’t feel like one. I am surrounded by beautiful mountains, water, and clean
air. The weather is perfect despite the stereotype of being called a
“rainy city”. The East coast has a lot of hustle and movement and
seems like everything is fast, fast, faster! I am never in a hurry
here. I miss the colorful people of the East coast and will always feel
like I have an “East Coast Personality” but Seattle is a calming
place and I always get excited to see the skyline when I come back from a trip.
What is
behind the name Shutter Wax?
When I
was trying to come up with a name for the shop, I had a bit of creative block
but these two words kept popping into my head. A lot of encaustic artists are
more abstract with their work, but I fell in love with photo encaustics which
is not as common. I wanted the name to express both photography and encaustics.
“Shutter Wax” did this for me in a fun way, and it says it all.
Where is
your very favorite place in the world?
I have
many favorite places (Sipping sangria and smoking cigars in Ybor City and
Riding Discovery Trail in Long Beach) but right now it is a summer night in the
garden with my boyfriend. We have had many enjoyable nights by the fire pit,
sipping amazing cocktails, eating home cooked meals, and watching the
hummingbirds. I can’t help but be inspired to jump on that next creative
project when I am enjoying a night like that.

You can also find Shutter Wax on Facebook!

We can’t wait to see more of her work in the future!

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