Trending: Succulents for weddings (What are those, anyway?)

Recently, I had a custom request from a bride for a succulent invitation.  In all honestly, I had no clue what she meant by ‘succulent’.  With a little investigation, I found that succulents are a type of plant that stores water in their leaves, roots, or stems.  Plants in this category include aloe, succulent roses, cacti, and hens & chicks-among many others.  It turns out, my florist~who was a little ahead of her time~included hens & chicks in our wedding bouquets (shown above).  I loved that they didn’t wilt as the day went on–what a great idea!
I also write to introduce The Paper Plume’s Succulent Collection.  I’d love to hear your feedback.  Enjoy some other wonderful uses that I’ve found for succulents in my search.

Top Left: Bouquet and Table Decor via Elizabeth Anne Designs. Center: Succulent Collection from The Paper Plume on Etsy, Succulent Wedding Favors from Succulents Galore on Etsy. Bottom: Me and my fab bridesmaids-Photography by Glass 29 Image, flowers by The Flowerman (assembled by us!)

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