Girls Night In

So, I’m sorry but this post has not much to do with Interior Design, Architecture or Paper.  I’m just super excited for a visitor tonight.  My dear friend Michelle and her kiddos are visiting tonight from out of town.  It just so happens that my hubby is out of town so once we get the little ones to sleep the night is ours.
I got to thinking what might make a great Girls Nite In.
Here’s what I’m thinkin’:
1. A cozy spot (Check out this firepit from Modfire).
2. Chocolate (smores on the menu!)
3. Wine (Chardonnay in this beautiful Riedel glass for summertime).
4. A chic flick (Tom Cruise is all about our college days).
5. Comfy pants. (The bigger, the better-love these from Anthropologie).
6. Girl Talk. (We all do it.)

So, what constitutes a perfect Girls Nite In for you?

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