Color Without Commitment (Floors)

If you are like me-you shy away from bold patterns and prints.  I find large prints on walls, furniture and artwork to be a little intimidating.  Basically, I just can’t commit.  So…today I’m sharing some fantastic floor tiles, carpet and vinyl, that allow you to have just that-pattern and prints with flexibility.  Tiles are great for many reasons: 1. They are transportable-who wants to pay for new carpet and floors when you move a lot. Just pick these up and go.  2. Got a stain you can’t get out?  Purchase a few extra and simply replace soiled tile.  3. Cleanibility (probably not a word).  You can literally pick one up, take it to the sink and clean it. Voila! Vinyl tiles are also FANTASTIC for kids areas.  (Think art room)
There are ooodles of patterns on the sites of each of the above companies.  Check out their design galleries for more inspiration!

Shown above: From Top Left Clockwise: Twinkle Living Brushstroke Rug, FLOR Fuzzy Button, FLOR More Rockin’, Modularity Tiles (2), Twinkle Living Midnight Rug; FLOR Cut Flowers

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