Pop Up Bear Birthday Card by JillKinLA

Last Wednesday was my 33rd birthday.  I was ‘home’ (where I grew up) the weekend before and celebrated with my family. I spent my actual ‘birth’day with the little man while my hubby was traveling for work.  Little did I know, my birthday was far from over.  Just yesterday, I received one of the biggest surprises of my life.  My husband devised a very well-planned shopping trip (that went a little longer than it was supposed to-oops) and when we returned I was greeted by a houseful of family and friends.  I was really overcome with emotions.  I have such wonderful friends and family and feel SO very blessed!  Thanks to everyone who could make it and to my dear friend Breanna and Mr. B. for helping my husband pull it together.
On another note–check out a fantastic giveaway over at Bubby and Bean! If you are an animal lover there are some great doggie prints, among other things…you know I love supporting fellow Etsy shops!

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