Ets(y) Wednesday: Pixel This

This week’s featured Etsy Shop is Pixel This: Stuff Made from Stuff.  I love the upcycled clocks that Allan creates!  Their shop includes recycled art, clocks and much more.  Just a few of the materials, shown above, include recycled bicycle tires & cranks, Apple laptop covers, hard drives, record players (you can even put your own album in!) and tape reels.
1. Where do you find most of the materials you use in your pieces? Most of my material comes from the dump or garage sales, but i also get a lot of stuff from bike shops, friends, ebay, etc. 2. Do you have any other hobbies? When I’m not dumpster diving, I enjoy photography, boating, the beach, anything that gets me outside, especially with my dogs. 
3. Are there any materials that you have tried to work with that have been unsuccessful? I have been pretty lucky with most of my projects, but when i do get stumped, i just put it up on a shelf and wait for some more inspiration. 
4. Any words of advice for Etsy newbie shops? 
I have quite a few of those. My advice for Etsy newbies is to do your best work, post new work EVERY day and have excellent customer service. Just treat people the way you want to be treated. 

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