Strange Things That Look Pretty

This post started when I saw the sleek, modern look of the Miele vacuum shown above.  So, I got to thinking about other everyday, ordinary ‘things’ that have thoughtful unassuming design.  Then…I came across the chandelier above and had to share it.  It’s made of TAMPONS!  Seriously, it is.  The things some artists think of~amazing.
Helpful tip: I use a small Simple Human trash can as my diaper pail.  The thought of purchasing a diaper genie or diaper champ just wasn’t thrilling me.  It also makes me happy to know that I’ll be able to use this again in the future once we’re out of our diaper days.  AND, I’m not stuck with using a particular trash bag.
Also check out the Eva Sola toilet brush, Dyson Bladeless fan, even cooler (no pun intended) in person and Petego Double Pet Carrier above.
Have you seen any ordinary extraordinary designs for everyday things?

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