Inspiring Fabrics: KnollTextiles

Do any of you have a design company like you just kind of drool over?  It’s embarrassing, but for me it’s Knoll.  For over 55 years, Knoll and KnollTextiles have been setting a design standard. The textures, patterns, innovation, and commitment to sustainability are just a few of the reasons. Two of my favorite designers, Dorothy Cosonas and Suzanne Tick (I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both!), have contributed timeless collections to the brand and are featured above.
Most recently, Knoll has been featured in an exhibition at the Bard Graduate Center and honored with the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, a National Design Award for Corporate and Institutional Achievement.
The above images are just a snippet of KnollTextiles selections. I encourage you to browse the Knoll site for some serious design inspiration!

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