Modern Rustic Style with Chicken Wire Nested Baskets

{ Say Grace }

{ Give Thanks }

{ Gather Together }

In the spirit of Mary & Martha, the above message speaks. Each is displayed on a tag on one of my favorite products. Mary & Martha’s beautiful nested chicken wire baskets have swinging wooden handles and a gorgeous patina. They are a perfect addition to modern rustic or farmhouse decor. I stack a grouping of coffee table books in them with a picture frame of my kiddos on top. It is just darling!  I also have bagged baking supplies (extra chocolate chips, brown sugar, etc) in one in my pantry. They are so versatile and have so many other uses. Check out other ideas below!

They are available as a set (small, medium, large) and can also be purchased individually.

nestedbasket nestedbasket3 nestebasket3Mary & Martha Nested Basket kitchen-baskets-from-wirebookbasket

Clocks,-Pots,-Toilet-Paperwire-basket-2 American-Style-Round-Hollow-Iron-font-b-Wire-b-font-Multifunction-Storage-font-b-Basket-b cupcakes

Mary & Martha Teaspoons, Coffee Scoop and Nesting Baskets

The teaspoons in this video are on sale now for $8. The coffee scoop is on sale for $13!

My New and Exciting Adventure as a Mary & Martha Independent Consultant


I am so excited, nervous, and hopeful to share something with you!

I can tell how excited I am as it took about 15 minutes of staring at my computer screen just to decide upon a worthy enough title for this post, so the excitement level is pretty high right now!

Six years ago when I began planning my wedding, I was reconnected with a high school friend who was an event planner at our wedding venue back in Dayton, Ohio. I was introduced to Mary & Martha through her when she was a consultant with several direct sell businesses. I bought several pieces from her (the first was the tray just below these words) and was hooked!  I knew I was going to be a long-time, enthusiastic customer. As an interior designer, I love the classic simplicity of so many of their products. As a Christian woman and mother I love universal messages of scripture conveyed with so many of their products.


So….fast forward to a year later, I receive a promotional email for their October hostess kit that is only $99?! How could I go wrong?  This company just seems to get better and better with the designs of their products. Seriously. I did a thorough review, and decided to ask Melissa a few questions (of course I wanted free stuff, shhh). Side note, Melissa Selner is now a very successful presenter with Younique and residing in Florida!! Thank you Melissa!

October Mary & Martha Kit

I quickly added a love for the company, and the desire to be a part of it, to my excitement about the products themselves.  I also took a look at my personal life and realized that Mary & Martha was brought to me at just the right moment.

As you might know, I am currently a stay-at-home Mom. My part-time career is running my own stationery design business, The Paper Plume.  I am so blessed to have the flexibility that owning my own business offers because of what has transpired over the past five years of my life. Although there are so many wonderful things about having The Paper Plume, the downside to owning and running a small business such as this is that when kids schedules become fuller and fuller I do not have the option to call someone and say, “Hey, I am going to take some leave, you are going to have to finish the orders and keep the business running.”

Needless to say, I occasionally have to turn business away, do not always get things done as quickly as I’d like, and I didn’t provide for my family as I would have liked this past year.

Enter Mary & Martha.

I will not go into a lot of the details in the post, but after looking through all that Mary & Martha has to offer, I am impressed at how generous the company is to Independent Consultants. Mary & Martha really does make it SO easy for Independent Consultants to thrive and achieve whatever financial or personal success they set out to accomplish. And everyone is so supportive of each other!!

Aside from the financial aspect, I am really excited for what Mary & Martha can provide for me socially.  Now that we’ve been back in Pittsburgh for a couple of years and the kids are a little bit older, I am realizing that I am longing for something that “forced” me to get dressed, get outside of the house, talk with people, make new friends, socialize with old friends, and simply put: have fun and laugh!


 Shared experiences. Inspiring products. Welcome, serve & connect. That’s Mary & Martha!


Therefore, I am happy to announce that I am one of the newest Mary & Marthy Independent Consultants!

Mary & Martha Logo

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and for letting me pour out some of my feelings a bit here on the blog today!

And, of course, now I have to ask you something:

Want to help me get off to a great start?

I would love to have a party with you and some of your friends!  Who can say no to a Fun & Fabulous Gathering with Friends and/or Family?  Just need a girls night? Or, maybe you just want me to mail you a catalog.  Even if you are not in my local area, we can still gather together with an online Facebook or catalog party. Did I mention you can earn 1/2 off and free items just from a party?

If you have any inkling of helping me get off to a great start {or just help me get out of the house for a little bit of fun}, let me know here.

Or, have I piqued your interest and now you want to learn more about the Mary & Martha opportunity?  I would love to tell you all about it!  Although I may be new, I am not new to the direct sales world and I would love for you to join my team so that we can both help each other grow in success and in life!  Fill out this form to get started on your own Mary & Martha journey!

If neither the party or the opportunity interest you, but you would like to shop for yourself or loved ones, you can always shop online at my Mary & Martha website.

And, of course, I would love to have you as a fan over on my new Mary & Martha Facebook page where I will post all things Mary & Martha related.  I may even throw out some freebies to my Facebook fans every now and then, so head on over to my Facebook page and give me a big ol’ like!

Mary & Martha Facebook

Father’s Day Printable Banner

Father's Day banner

I am so lucky that my children have so many wonderful father figures in their lives (and so do I!). Happy Father’s Day to my husband, father, grandfathers and father-in-law. Love you all! You are amazing beyond words. Click here for a quick and easy 4-page printable banner to say thank you to a special father […]

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Plume Party: A Client’s Ready to Pop DIY


Think you can’t pull off a party with one of our printable sets? Think again! Check out the fantastic job our client Jaclyn did with her set, custom colored to a beautiful coral and grey scheme. Amazing job Jaclyn! Find the entire set here.

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Cushion Source Review + Pillow Giveaway


Something you may not know about me….I’m a certified Interior Designer! Prior to entering the wonderful world of Mommyhood and The Paper Plume, I was a Commercial Interior Designer for over 10 years. I worked mostly on healthcare projects but also some aquatic centers, retail, corporate, religious, and university work along the way. This is […]

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Our Bright Starts Playdate + Free Playdate Printables

BrightStartsParty 2013-05-03 4865

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Pattern Card: Gingham Style

The Paper Plume Gingham Kids Room

Shoes / Necklace / Umbrella / Bowtie / Cupcake Liner / Shirt  Pencils / iPhone case / Banner available soon I love the classic simplicity of gingham.  It reminds me of Spring and Summer and picnics on cozy blankets in the park.  The pattern itself adjusts to work with just about anything.  It is often used as a test fabric while […]

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Huggin’ it out. Puj makes bathtime even easier!

Puj Towel 2013-04-11 4710 - Version 2

Remember that moment when you give your newborn baby their very first bath? The feeling of being terrified that you were going to drop that slippery little wiggling ball of preciousness? Like 800 meter track race nervous, pre-calculus test nervous, swim team nervous. Okay, I know, that was just me. Fortunately, with some great products […]

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Ever So Grateful + Free Thanksgiving Printables


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Real Plume Wedding: 17 Virtues as Table Number Cards

Andi Hatch Photography

I’m so excited to share a BEAUTIFUL wedding that took place at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.  We were lucky enough to work with Aaron and Stacia on menus and some very unique table ‘numbers’.  In keeping with the sophistication and simplicity of the venue, the couple wanted to do something a little different for […]

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