My New and Exciting Adventure as a Mary & Martha Independent Consultant


I am so excited, ner­vous, and hope­ful to share some­thing with you!

I can tell how excited I am as it took about 15 min­utes of star­ing at my com­puter screen just to decide upon a wor­thy enough title for this post, so the excite­ment level is pretty high right now!

Six years ago when I began plan­ning my wed­ding, I was recon­nected with a high school friend who was an event plan­ner at our wed­ding venue back in Day­ton, Ohio. I was intro­duced to Mary & Martha through her when she was a con­sul­tant with sev­eral direct sell busi­nesses. I bought sev­eral pieces from her (the first was the tray just below these words) and was hooked!  I knew I was going to be a long-time, enthu­si­as­tic cus­tomer. As an inte­rior designer, I love the clas­sic sim­plic­ity of so many of their prod­ucts. As a Chris­t­ian woman and mother I love uni­ver­sal mes­sages of scrip­ture con­veyed with so many of their products.


So.…fast for­ward to a year later, I receive a pro­mo­tional email for their Octo­ber host­ess kit that is only $99?! How could I go wrong?  This com­pany just seems to get bet­ter and bet­ter with the designs of their prod­ucts. Seri­ously. I did a thor­ough review, and decided to ask Melissa a few ques­tions (of course I wanted free stuff, shhh). Side note, Melissa Sel­ner is now a very suc­cess­ful pre­sen­ter with Younique and resid­ing in Florida!! Thank you Melissa!

October Mary & Martha Kit

I quickly added a love for the com­pany, and the desire to be a part of it, to my excite­ment about the prod­ucts them­selves.  I also took a look at my per­sonal life and real­ized that Mary & Martha was brought to me at just the right moment.

As you might know, I am cur­rently a stay-at-home Mom. My part-time career is run­ning my own sta­tionery design busi­ness, The Paper Plume.  I am so blessed to have the flex­i­bil­ity that own­ing my own busi­ness offers because of what has tran­spired over the past five years of my life. Although there are so many won­der­ful things about hav­ing The Paper Plume, the down­side to own­ing and run­ning a small busi­ness such as this is that when kids sched­ules become fuller and fuller I do not have the option to call some­one and say, “Hey, I am going to take some leave, you are going to have to fin­ish the orders and keep the busi­ness running.”

Need­less to say, I occa­sion­ally have to turn busi­ness away, do not always get things done as quickly as I’d like, and I didn’t pro­vide for my fam­ily as I would have liked this past year.

Enter Mary & Martha.

I will not go into a lot of the details in the post, but after look­ing through all that Mary & Martha has to offer, I am impressed at how gen­er­ous the com­pany is to Inde­pen­dent Con­sul­tants. Mary & Martha really does make it SO easy for Inde­pen­dent Con­sul­tants to thrive and achieve what­ever finan­cial or per­sonal suc­cess they set out to accom­plish. And every­one is so sup­port­ive of each other!!

Aside from the finan­cial aspect, I am really excited for what Mary & Martha can pro­vide for me socially.  Now that we’ve been back in Pitts­burgh for a cou­ple of years and the kids are a lit­tle bit older, I am real­iz­ing that I am long­ing for some­thing that “forced” me to get dressed, get out­side of the house, talk with peo­ple, make new friends, social­ize with old friends, and sim­ply put: have fun and laugh!


 Shared expe­ri­ences. Inspir­ing prod­ucts. Wel­come, serve & con­nect. That’s Mary & Martha!


There­fore, I am happy to announce that I am one of the newest Mary & Marthy Inde­pen­dent Consultants!

Mary & Martha Logo

Thank you so much for tak­ing the time to read this, and for let­ting me pour out some of my feel­ings a bit here on the blog today!

And, of course, now I have to ask you something:

Want to help me get off to a great start?

I would love to have a party with you and some of your friends!  Who can say no to a Fun & Fab­u­lous Gath­er­ing with Friends and/or Fam­ily?  Just need a girls night? Or, maybe you just want me to mail you a cat­a­log.  Even if you are not in my local area, we can still gather together with an online Face­book or cat­a­log party. Did I men­tion you can earn 1/2 off and free items just from a party?

If you have any inkling of help­ing me get off to a great start {or just help me get out of the house for a lit­tle bit of fun}, let me know here.

Or, have I piqued your inter­est and now you want to learn more about the Mary & Martha oppor­tu­nity?  I would love to tell you all about it!  Although I may be new, I am not new to the direct sales world and I would love for you to join my team so that we can both help each other grow in suc­cess and in life!  Fill out this form to get started on your own Mary & Martha journey!

If nei­ther the party or the oppor­tu­nity inter­est you, but you would like to shop for your­self or loved ones, you can always shop online at my Mary & Martha web­site.

And, of course, I would love to have you as a fan over on my new Mary & Martha Face­book page where I will post all things Mary & Martha related.  I may even throw out some free­bies to my Face­book fans every now and then, so head on over to my Face­book page and give me a big ol’ like!

Mary & Martha Facebook

Father’s Day Printable Banner

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